Beginners Singers Breathing Exercising #2 / Singing Lessons / Rock the Stage NYC

Singers Breathing Exercising #two / Singing Lessons / Rock the Stage NYC The sustained “Esss” breathing physical exercise is a great way to develop strength in your dia…

22 thoughts on “Beginners Singers Breathing Exercising #2 / Singing Lessons / Rock the Stage NYC”

  1. thanks, I will start practicing it, I was able to do it for about 28 secs
    this first time, I will check it in 1 month…, am learning many song
    lyrics,and can already play some in the piano, but have never taken singing
    lessons, and after checking other videos, I choose yours.

  2. hey man great lesson and tell me one thing, for how many times should i
    practice this exercise each day? thanks for your videos, great work!

  3. um sorry to bother you again but wich comment? i think i already tried it
    honestly but i dont know. i am always tryingi really want to do it.

  4. Thats because when your lying on the floor your brain gets disconnected
    from the process of standing still and posture so your breathe reverts back
    to how you breathed as a baby. Lie on the floor with some books on your
    stomach and breath in and out – make the books rise up & down slowly. Now
    stand up and do that same movement with your stomach when you breathe in.
    To find the sweet spot of diaphragm movement when singing say the word
    “HUT” really loud. That feeling is the push you need.

  5. @AtariMaxiToriyama – it doesn’t “require” one but the ideas and exercises I
    will put on mine will be more than enough for anyone to achieve really
    powerful breath support. Not everyone will be able to do every exercise so
    having more than you need allows you to pick and choose the ones that do
    work for you.

  6. Kevin, if the stomach is not suppose to come out when you inhale, why do
    coaches say that when teaching the breathing process.

  7. Damn how do you expand your diaphragm so much?I cant expand my even the
    half of yours.. Am i having a problem?

  8. @RocktheStageNYC woah! that’s a long time. i tried and got around 20. gotta
    practice. i want to audition for glee but getting discouraged because i
    can’t sing good once i get high! i don’t even know if i sing good when i
    sing quieter but sigh, i’ll keep at these exercises.

  9. my average is about 25. ive been doing this exercise every day for about a
    week now and i havent seen much improvement. yesterday i hit 39 but
    consistently, its typically about 25. any suggestions? btw. thanks for this
    exercise. it’s great!

  10. hey kevin im a little confuzed about the breathing procces, first of all
    should i my chest expand while i breathe or just my stomach? and if so are
    there any tips you can give me because i find it really hard expanding my
    chest when breathing. secondly i heared that i need support. and this could
    be achieved by gently pushing down the diaphragm is that ture? thanks alot
    for your great tips and videos =D

  11. I do – belly breathing is a good way to start knowing how to breathe deep
    into your midsection and not into the chest where your shoulders will rise.
    Once you get the idea of low and wide breathing, you then switch to a move
    stable stomach position.

  12. I have been looking up breathing exercises and stuff, because I sense that
    I need more breath training; however, I have found that what you teach in
    these two videos about breathing seems to be the ONLY breathing exercises
    and technique that exists. So just 1. Breath with the diaphragm, and 2. Do
    the Essssssss exercise daily, and that about does it?

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