Beginners SingBabySing® Singing Lesson – Projection 1

Joy at singbabysing.com demonstrates how to project and empower your voice without having going hoarse.

17 thoughts on “Beginners SingBabySing® Singing Lesson – Projection 1”

  1. um, not be sarcastic but what do you mean by “astute”, its defined as keen
    or discerning but it also says it can be shrewd or stubborn? lol…I’m
    kinda generalizing about the speech thing, (continued on next comment)

  2. I know I wrote back to you but it didn’t post. That seems to happen with
    YouTube quite a bit. anyhow, thanks so much for writing and I hope you’ll
    tell all your friends.

  3. Go to my website, use the google search tool on the site and type Joy’s
    Starting Tone. Got to that article and read it. Then explore my site and
    find my other articles, pictures, etc. to help. And thanks for your

  4. Haha Mrs Singing Lessons you really are awesome. =D I’m trying to follow
    your tips but I hate my voice so much… Thanks for all the lessons!

  5. ok, I’ll DEFINITLY try not to get discouraged, thanks so much for ALL you
    info you so graciously provided me with! It made me feel really good, like
    I am on the right track with my observations. Its sort of an affirmation
    thingy? thanks again!!!! :)

  6. You betcha! Also, a bunch of people have been asking me if I can give more
    personalized help for a fee so I’m putting together an affordable
    subscription based service and am asking everyone to let me know what they
    think about that.

  7. I love it how the sounds you make are so simple, yet effective in what your
    trying to get us to think about…other lessons I’ve read/seen/heard, have
    been more about ‘thinking’ and ‘analysing’. Whereas here I GET the anatomy
    side of it coz I’m using and feeling it as opposed to being shown a picture
    of it. Anyway, thanks alot.

  8. Yeah, it can sound pretty crazy! People aren’t used to the amount of effort
    it takes to practice and improve, nor do they understand how important it
    is for someone to get over their self-consciousness when doing them. Show
    her the videos and ask her to join you! :)

  9. Range is how high and low you can sing without your voice breaking or
    without your throat hurting. Find it by first discovering where the center
    of your range is. Do this by singing a note without thinking about it.
    Where is the most comfortable part of your range? In other words, what
    notes are easy to sing for you?

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