beginners Professional Vocal Warmup 1 – “Opening Up The Voice”

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25 thoughts on “beginners Professional Vocal Warmup 1 – “Opening Up The Voice””

  1. I was super skeptical, but after going through all this, HOLY CRAP their IS
    a difference in how I sound singing :O he has officially won me over to
    vocal practices. Omg I am super excited now 😀 

  2. lol i tried!! vut when it got to the part where he dropped the shoulders
    and the lip roll I laughed so hard i couldent breathe lol! I love this!!

  3. holy hell i did the exercises and now my voice is better and going to highs
    and lows i haven’t achieved before. always tensing up this will help me
    immensely in va work.

  4. I have to laugh when I’m doing these, I look like a weirdo XD
    BUT it helps, I’m happy with the results!

  5. I was doing this while at work and they walk by my desk and ask if I was OK

  6. haha funny xD but I’ll definitely try it bcuz I know it will be useful for
    my breathe.
    I can’t catch my breathe even for a simple reading. that’s bcuz I haven’t
    exercise for years.

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