Beginners Moms’ SingBabySing® Singing Lessons

Moms, dads, grandmothers and babies join Joy Sikorski for singing lessons with their kids at Storyopolis in Studio City, California.

17 thoughts on “Beginners Moms’ SingBabySing® Singing Lessons”

  1. how are your students doing now? The music school where I used to teach had
    a similar music program for parents with their babies, but it was for

  2. You are so cool ,I teach Ennnnggglish in Japan to children and they love to
    sing ,which I find is the best way to teach them good pronounciation of
    sounds that are not found in Japanese ,the meaning doesn’t matter they will
    get that latter .

  3. But I am a little shy singing and dancing in front of the mothers. But
    after watching you ,I realize i don’t even need to be singing songs yet
    just creating the sounds lacking .Thanks for posting all your silliness
    ,women are great teachers ,so are men but balance is so important aswell.

  4. Hi Joy, just wanted to ask about two problems I have that I’m sure other
    watchers of your videos have. First, whenever I change from head to chest
    voice, there is a break in the voice that is essentially a yodel. I can’t
    really get around it. Secondly, I warm up properly, stretch, hum,
    everything before singing, but still my vocal cords get tight and sore and
    I tend to lose my voice after not too long. I’m not talking about singing
    in a strainful way or screaming or anything like that…

  5. wow hard stuff! Im high watching it and its hardest hitting psychodelic
    sh.. on youtube! It like a report about retarded people and about
    teletubbies and about hippies on crack at the same time! 3 Thumbs up!

  6. I already saw all your videos! You´re just great! I´m not in a hurry to
    learn how to sing, so I picked you as my teacher!

  7. It’s not just for babies. The resonant principles apply to all voices. The
    work I do babies is cutting-edge early childhood development having to do
    with what happens in the brain when babies and toddlers sing. Babies can
    actually match pitches as early as 3-4 months of age. More on my website
    about this.

  8. Thanks so much. I’m thrilled that you might be able to use some of these
    techniques to encourage children in Japan. It makes me feel like I’m doing
    my job on this earth!

  9. It took me a long time to get over my shyness because I was worried too
    much about what other people think. Now it doesn’t matter to me anymore, as
    long as I believe in what I’m doing and do my best to give my knowledge to
    others so that it can be used to build a better world. Yes, women are the
    great balancers! Thanks again.

  10. I am really inspired by your singing lessons, though at this point in my
    life, singing has taken a back seat. However, I would like to thank you for
    these videos and wish you continue to serve people all around the world
    with these beautiful tips and lessons on singing!

  11. …I just seem to have delicate vocal cords, and sometimes singign at all
    is a problem, although occasionally everything works perfectly. i want to
    be able to do gigs and sing for two hours but that’s too much stress on my
    vocal cords right now. Any advice? I’m scared of getting nodules… Thanks
    a lot, Joy! Maybe you should have a FAQ section, if you don’t have one
    already. :)

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