Beginners Making use of the Diaphragm – Brighton Singing Lessons

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16 thoughts on “Beginners Making use of the Diaphragm – Brighton Singing Lessons”

  1. Is it normal for this to hurt for a period of time? Haven’t really been
    using the diaphragm much, I almost always used my lungs until I realised
    how much of a fail that can be.

  2. How much should your chest collapse when you exhale, and should you control
    your abdominal muscles or relax them?

  3. Thanks a lot for this great info. Just one thing and I don’t intend to be
    rude is. When you first speak and then speak over the diagram the levels
    need to be in balance as I found myself turning down and then up to
    equalize the two sounds. Also I found the music needs to be down a little
    so your voice is easier to hear. Just an observation, I hope you don’t
    mind. Thanks again.

  4. Hi there. Should I be concentrating contracting the muscle or inhaling (air
    thru mouth) first? I mean. at times when I sing, I like to focus on my
    stomach and expanding it then the inhaling part. I noticed the air move in
    easily without the huuuhh sound. Is this a good practice? I hope you can
    give me your view on this and I have made my question clear enough.Thanks
    for the vid too.

  5. Hi chip I need help discovering my voice diaphragm its difficult for me I
    want to also learn how to do those beautiful echoes at the end any advice
    please need help discovering it

  6. If you don’t mind me asking, what will be the resulting affect for the
    sound of my voice by doing these exercises?

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