Beginners Lucy Takes Singing Lessons (Lucille Ball, Hans Conried)

www.thelucyshowdvd.com Determined to join the Women’s Volunteer Fire Department’s barbershop quartet, Lucy enlists the help of Professor Gitterman to teach he…

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  1. Hans Georg Conried Jr was born on this date in 1917 and passed away in
    1982, the comedian, actor and voice actor has many appearances in movies
    and TV. He was the voice of Dr Hook in Disney’s Peter Pan and Snidely
    Whiplash on Rocky and Bullwinkle, starred in the 5,000 Fingers of Dr T
    along with many other appearances on tv shows.
    Lucy Takes Singing Lessons (Lucille Ball, Hans Conried)

  2. I believe Lucy and Hans did a similar scene on an episode of her radio
    series, “MY FAVORITE HUSBAND”, in 1950. Conried appeared several times on
    that show as “Liz Cooper’s” neighbor, and at least twice on “I LOVE LUCY”.
    He also did a similar scene, trying to teach “Stanley Belt” {Jerry Lewis}
    how to sing, in “The Patsy” (1964).

  3. I REALLY loved MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY. I loved the son too. rusty. always got
    the good lines…. For a while i thought he was really danny thomas’s
    uncle. they speak the same way:)

  4. he was on i love lucy teaching lucy and desi how to speak proper english
    and how to enunciate correctly. that was a hilarious episode ….desi was
    really funny there too

  5. “I didn’t even know I had one!” LOL “Where do you breathe?” “Oh, anywhere I
    happen to be at the moment.” I absolutely LOVE this episode! ♥

  6. …and appeared as other characters in various episodes, before he
    “permanently” became Uncle Tonoose in 1956 (Danny could always count on him
    to deliver “guaranteed” laughs).

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