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20 thoughts on “Beginners KOREAN LANGUAGE SINGING LESSONS – KenTamplinVocalAcademy.com – HOW TO SING – KOREAN LANGUAGE”

  1. Wow. Gosh. Shes awesome. Of cse wit an awesome teacher. I am trying to self
    coach myself in singing. and whoever that has useful advice please tell me!
    :) thanks

  2. Hello Ken Tamplin !! I am from Russia! I just adore you!you great teacher!
    it is very a pity that I am far from via Skype…you can learn at least
    once?case the fact that Russia is no strong teachers vocal …. mail:

  3. Yeah, Korean girls are every where in the world. I am very proud of them. I
    never amagine that I will hear direct Korean translation of Ken Tamplin’s
    personal lecture. Oh My!!!!

  4. This is another really great lesson! Gyu has a really big powerful voice! I
    Love her singing!! Also love it when Ken shows dynamic by backing off and
    singing it lighter and quieter, that takes real skill. Like the concept of
    working the song up without consonants then gradually fading them in:
    Brilliant stuff!

  5. Skype works excellent however I would start with my course first as it will
    save you time and money. I record the skype sessions and send them to
    students for them to refer to as well

  6. I also want to learn how to sing high note . I am really ashamed when I
    like to sing high note but I can’t . Huhu , can you help me ?

  7. my voice is broken….it’s like I have this barrier blocking my way to sing
    high notes. It really sucks!

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