Beginners @JsonFredericks singing lessons with @JenNewberry

Ya’ll wanted a individual who couldnt sing at all. I present my brother Jason. @KevOnStage www.facebook.com/Kevin.Fredericks Instagram: KevOnStage.

21 thoughts on “Beginners @JsonFredericks singing lessons with @JenNewberry”

  1. at least J can hear the notes. LOL why does he still have his coat on? is
    this a drive by lesson? that finger had me in stiches, lead us out of
    Egypt! rotf!!!! like the new ending. :)

  2. YOOO!! why does Jason look like he’s late for a prayer service??? he look
    like the Deacon that they ask to do a short prayer but he ends up praying
    for the whole nation… BTW Jen, Kev & Jason were easy I think you should
    take the Keyshia Cole challenge

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