Beginners How to Use a Microphone | Vocal Lessons

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13 thoughts on “Beginners How to Use a Microphone | Vocal Lessons”

  1. which microphone brand i should be buy for my music practice i want to use
    with computer and also please i need information for video camera which
    brand will be good, for make my own video thanks.

  2. You need to address the issue of popping, especially since you advocate
    getting really close to the mike. I noticed some breath sounds and small
    pops when you were talking.

  3. confident but i seen engelbert humperdink hold the mic atleast 12 inch away
    from his mouth at times.

  4. Great video. I had a problem one place I was playing because the people
    running the place didn’t have very good monitor speakers, and I couldn’t
    hear myself properly. I recorded the gig, and it SUCKED. Off key, etc. and
    I do know how to sing on key … but hard when you can’t hear properly!
    Those monitors are important, especially in a noisy venue.

  5. You realize that the angle you’re showing newbies is so awful for
    plosives… I mean REALLY… And the “proximity effect” you’re creating by
    being right on the mic is another horrible thing to teach. 2-3 inches away
    from the mic is right… ALWAYS right. There’s no way anyone’s voice has
    that much 250Hz-400Hz that is created by being right on the mic. Even
    worse, if there’s no roll off on the mic, then you just REALLY over
    developed 125Hz, which is when “P’s” become canon shots. Digital vs
    “Analog” is another misnomer you’re confusing individuals about: consider
    that most people can’t afford a pro-line $1200 wireless setup and don’t
    know the first thing about licensed versus unlicensed wireless channels,
    and why their system now crackles because of a wireless mic. What mic
    should I use?? Really… Teach people it’s not about the mic, it’s about
    vocal control. American Idol… Who cares? The last televised performance I
    saw from the Grand Ole Opry, EVERYONE was on Shure SM58 mics.Yes, the
    standard since the 1950s, a $99 mic, and still one of the most reliable
    mics made to date. And even more embarrassing is the performance the
    engineers in the A for V booth deliver from American Idol. All lousy
    idiots. This was a shamefully unhelpful video…

  6. well, what if you want the natural sound of your voice moving thru ait
    before it gets to the mic. if im touching the mic, theres is no airspace
    traveled before my voice hits the mic , do you think this has relevance ? 

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