Beginners How to Sing without Strain / Free Singing Lessons / Rock the Stage

http://www.thevoxshop.com – http://www.rockthestagenyc.com In this totally free vocal lesson NYC vocal coach Kevin Richards shows you how to sing a closed vowel soun…

20 thoughts on “Beginners How to Sing without Strain / Free Singing Lessons / Rock the Stage”

  1. wow, thanks i really appreciate it. I subscribed, i liked. Man, i am your
    fan! you are a good guy. thanks again

  2. vocal technique helps every voice – baritone, tenor etc. sing higher and
    with more power. I am a low baritone and I can sing up to 5 octaves.

  3. Nope. Layne was belting that Bb4. You can clearly hear how he is almost
    yelling the notes; he gets a little gravel in there. You can’t do that in
    falsetto. You should review my newest video “Falsetto vs. Headvoice The

  4. A lot of singers tend to either over compress or pull their consonants long
    (R, L, M, N). Every consonant should be treated like a D, B, P – quick and
    short. Get on it – off it and onto the vowel.

  5. a little throat shaping behind the tongue will give you an “Oo” /u/ sound
    if it sounds too much like “Oh” /o/

  6. I can sing in the flageolet – which is considered the male whistle register
    but it doesn’t sound like the commonly heard whistle sound ala Mariah
    Carey. My voice is too heavy for that sound. It sounds more just like very
    thin head resonance.

  7. i cant understand anything how scales and tones work with voice… can you
    help me? i have a heavy voice.. but i want to sing in a rock way

  8. thanks again… i am 17 … if i sing tenor, will i hurt my voice ? i think
    the answer is yes and another question is what i need to do to not hurt my

  9. its just something I cooked up in my home studio on ProTools. I’m on bass
    and a friend is on guitar. The drums are programmed.

  10. vocal training with scales improves accuracy of pitch, control of the
    muscles used in breathing singing and it promotes a discipline of learning
    the process that builds a strong, flexible, yet relaxed singing voice. For
    me, the best instrument to practice vocal scales along with is a cello. The
    cello is the closest instrument that imitates the human voice in terms of
    tone, and the ability to slide smoothly between notes. The piano is easier
    to learn and lots of people play it so its more common

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