Beginners How to Sing – Rock Vocal Plan – Singing Lessons

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22 thoughts on “Beginners How to Sing – Rock Vocal Plan – Singing Lessons”

  1. I have never buy online so I don’t know what will happen when I buy
    Breaking the chains, I mean, does it automatically download to my computer?
    or how do I know if Breaking the chains has come to my computer?

  2. @totoman12 – no, I meant the blog you sign up for on my website. I do not
    use MySpace for anything anymore.

  3. @RvV1992 I think that You’ll know when You will be able to run the scale up
    and down without strain or screaming, and more important – when You’ll be
    able to use those tehniques during singing songs :] But this is only my
    point of view 😉

  4. @FollowtheFlame – doing scales simply enough. There are other factors. Are
    u doing the scales correctly is 1 factor. Anyone can easily master a scale
    but what did it teach you? Did it teach you anything about how to sing in a
    song? Probably not. Scales will give your voice stamina and flexibility but
    are you breathing correctly? are you letting your resonance shift and
    blend? Are you supporting your notes? These are questions only a vocal
    teacher can answer.

  5. @RocktheStageNYC alright thanks man! your videos have helped so much that i
    thought this would be the perfect step to acheive greatness! keep doing
    what you do man! m/

  6. its an excellent question – most male voice start resonating out of throat
    resonance around E above middle C (E4). The first “true” head resonance
    note is G above middle C (G4)

  7. Zen of Singing will be for all levels of singers not just beginners. It all
    depends on your level of singing now, if you’re not beginner than I would
    say BTC is OK for you. If you’re just starting out, BTC will be too

  8. this is probably not a good question, but for a male voice what note would
    you expect chest voice to finish

  9. @MrMocon1 – whats “naff”? Most people are shocked to hear themselves
    recorded as we do not hear our voices as other people do. We hear a much
    fuller and deeper voice than everyone else because of the sounds vibrating
    in our skull. I recommend all singers record themselves singing at least
    once a month.

  10. @AtariMaxiToriyama – that is what personal coaching is for. A coach can
    address your difficulties face to face and help you correct them. A video
    is one sided and can only provide one point of view.

  11. ooh!! ok I definetely didn’t know that so you recommend that I have strong
    bases before I try to do the rasp??

  12. @RocktheStageNYC – but don’t let my comment discourage anyone from
    attempting to sing better. The cold hard fact is that not everyone has a
    great sounding singing voice. And it won’t matter how much you train. If
    your voice has a terrible tonality, singing technique will not fix it.
    Would you want to hear Fran Drescher (The Nanny) or Gilbert Godfried sing?

  13. @RocktheStageNYC Wow, thanks a lot! I didn’t think you’d actually look. I’m
    definitely interested in your CDs. Oh, one last question: Is it possible
    that, from this level, I could improve to magnificent heights with just
    your CD, even without one-on-one lessons from anyone?

  14. @mrkeynyones – yes anyone CAN learn to sing but that doesn’t mean they will
    have pleasant sounding voice you’d want to listen to for extended periods
    of time.

  15. i like that but im from dominican republic and i love to sing and i have
    the brett manning cds but is bored and i want to have a powerful and a
    great range and sing a song of aerosmith without strain is my dream you can
    make it man?

  16. @RvV1992 – when the exercise become far too easy for you. When you can do
    it every day without strain and sound damn good doing it.

  17. Hey Kevin, I bought your program and I’m very happy with it, I have a
    question though. You said before that the process is supposed to be master
    the exercise and move on, but how do I know when I have mastered an

  18. @abbasalikhan – I have the work “Rock” in the program title because thats
    what I am and I wanted to target a forgotten group of singers when it comes
    to vocal programs. My program is NOT genre or style of singing specific.
    The program is all about singing technique, not style. My method can be
    applied to any style of singing. The program will just make your voice
    stronger, fuller and have more range. Any singer of any style would like to
    have that.

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