Beginners How to Sing in Tune – Interactive Singing Lesson!

Discover how to sing in tune with this interactive voice lesson! For more exercises on how to sing completely on pitch, download my complete series of lessons here: …

20 thoughts on “Beginners How to Sing in Tune – Interactive Singing Lesson!”

  1. My new #singing lesson on how to sing in tune! How to Sing in Tune –
    Interactive Singing Lesson!

  2. When you introduced the instruments i felt like i was in a concert hahaha
    thanks a lot for this lessons and this experience! :)

  3. Thank you for this. I love to sing but focus my training on drums/guitar.
    This makes so much since, very helpful. Good day

  4. you’re really putting a lot of work in your videos!
    and I really like how you add visual aids to the video, great! :)

  5. PItch Matching starts 2:13
    Octatonic scale starts 4:50 (4:33 if you want to hear him do it first)
    Melody for Tuning starts 5:56

  6. Excellent stuff Saher! I love these interactive videos. This is great for
    the visual learners, like myself. 

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  8. Lovely video. I love the fact that I was able to follow the coloured bars.
    Nice teaching method . Pls what is the name of that rock song?

  9. Hey guys, I just want to offer up some encouragement. I’ve been doing these
    singing lessons for 4 years now, since the July of 2009 and I can tell you
    that my voice has truly improved and has became much better. Just keep
    doing his singing lessons and buy them also if you want a richer experience
    with your voice. Do his interactive videos 1, 2, 3, and 4 everyday and you
    should see dramatic progress over the course of a few weeks. If you don’t
    believe my words then my channel serves as a testimony to what I say so
    just keep hanging on. I was so eager to improve my voice I’d do it for two
    hours a day and switch up the order of the exercises and emphasize certain
    exercises over others like the range and virbrato ones. Keep doing it and
    you too shall a post a comment like this soon, I guarantee it with all my
    heart. Unless you’re ungrateful, if you’re ungrateful then you won’t. 

  10. Saher, you may not remember me but I started taking your singing lessons in
    the July of 2009 and I’ve been doing them ever since. You have played such
    an important role in my life because you have enabled me to do something I
    love and that is express myself through singing. I always tell myself that
    when I get a Grammy’s I will thank you. If it had not been for you I don’t
    know how I would trained my voice because you gave full on instructional
    videos where you would do the scale full on instead of giving an example
    and then leaving as if we all know how to play piano and also my family
    doesn’t have the money. This July of 2014 it’s going to be 5 years strong
    on your lessons but I’ve found more also and incorporated them but you are
    the foundation of my success at singing. Because of you I got 100% on my
    singing exam. And what’s even more amazing is that the interactive lessons
    were uploaded on my birthday, Aug 2. And I precisely remember not getting
    anything for my birthday (I hardly ever do), but in fact I did, it was a
    present that stuck and will stick with me throughout my whole life, your
    lessons. I also remember that you’re not a very religious guy but I just
    would like to say that I thank God that He sent your videos my way. You
    really have no idea how thankful and grateful I am, mate! I owe every note
    I sing to you and also my favorite song from you is Citadels, I love
    singing it man. I love you, man. And if I remember correctly I think you
    had a wife who is in your band and also a cat. I hope all is well with them
    and that you guys keep making also music. Watch out for my thanksgiving to
    you on the Grammy’s one day! 

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