Beginners How to Sing Higher Notes in the style of Steve Perry (Journey) Singing Lessons | Vocal Power

Find out how to sing high notes in the style of Steve Perry in this free of charge singing lesson – http://www.vocalpower.co.uk/how-to-sing-high-notes/ Don’t Stop Believi…

13 thoughts on “Beginners How to Sing Higher Notes in the style of Steve Perry (Journey) Singing Lessons | Vocal Power”

  1. Hey Christopher – I’m glad some of the ideas helped you. Try to stay away
    from the idea of ‘the mask’ as it tends to encourage too much breat flow
    and subsequent glottal resistance. There is simply no need to try and shove
    the voice forward. Best, Tony

  2. Jeff – Thanks so much for the positive feedback – I really appreciate it.
    (He did pay full price and I didn’t ask him to post this!)

  3. Really good ! ” More Than a Feeling ” by Boston is also a great tune… But
    Really hard to sing… 

  4. You, good sir, are the best! You win a 1000 Internet for giving us such
    good lessons for free! And you got really nice technique and voice! Love
    your songs, by the way =)

  5. Wow… you are truly a gifted vocalist… but most impressive is how gifted
    you are as a teacher. That is truly a gift to us all… keep up these
    amazing videos.

  6. Fantastic advice. I have been singing professionally for 12 years. However
    I still have problems with cracking occasionally on certain vowels that
    follow hard consonants such as “T” in words such as “TO” as in “Hold on TO
    the feeling” Any advice on how to hit those consistently without cracking?

  7. You could easily pass for Neil Young!
    But dont you think people should learn to sound like themselves, or at
    least get the best out of their vocals as everyone does have a unique tonal
    sound and range! There are people out there that do very well sounding like
    mr. Perry, but the emphasize on sounding similar to a well known artist is
    at best, complimenting, but as a guitar player, I am always in search of
    that tone in my head that sets me apart from the others…

  8. This really has helped me, I’m subscribing to this as I have been trying to
    nut out a Jeff Buckley song for years (“Grace”). It’s the best male
    performance I have heard in a rock/alternative song before. I doubt I can
    actually do it justice but I would at least like to get through it without
    dying … your explanation of not letting the sound jump out has helped my
    understand why I keep choking up and running out of gas. Great video, much
    appreciated (PS. you also really helped me understand about vowel sounds
    and how to use them – I have always hated my “r’s” at the end of words and
    the ‘eh’ sound like in “breath”)

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