beginners How to Expand Your Vocal Variety | Vocal Lessons

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25 thoughts on “beginners How to Expand Your Vocal Variety | Vocal Lessons”

  1. I have a rather deep/monotone voice, as a woman. Not manly, but husky, I
    suppose. There aren’t very many female lead vocals with this voice. I fall
    somewhere in between Kim Carnes and Johnette Napolitano. What do you tell
    women that can’t hit those higher notes? Is there a different way of
    training to develop the range they have? I am only being realistic about my

  2. I am a male singer my range is from G1-D#5 and from my notes at B4-D#5 they
    sound weak like a falsetto and i wonder if vocal scales wil improve my
    higher notes if i just work on my low notes too bulid on top of the high
    weak notes answer as quick as you see this message i need help i want all
    of notes too sound strong and regular 

  3. I want to learn falsetto. I find it difficult. Other singers say that it is
    very easy. Can you let me know the trick?

  4. Thank you so much!!!!:-). I learned a lot I used to have a good voice but I
    haven’t practice singing for 4 years but this helped me a lot!! Thank very
    much. I wish I met you personally because I want u to be my coach

  5. THIS IS MY PROBLEM! I can’t transfer from a low note to a high one without
    sounding off pitch! I can’t hit those middle notes! Help!

  6. Oh hello! Have you heard about – Sofurns Amazing Vocal Training (search on
    google)? I’ve heard some amazing things about it and my cousin had great
    results from it.

  7. Questions:

    1. Should we shut down choir or singing lessons?
    2. Does singing come naturally?
    3. Has singing been broken down (modern world) yet?

  8. She’s basically saying you don’t have to strain your voice to hit higher
    notes in order to increase your vocal range. If you work on your voice
    where it’s comfortable (where your voice is when you talk) your vocal range
    will increase on its own. Basically, strong foundations. ( that’s what I
    got out of it any way.)

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