Beginners Head Voice Octaves Component 2 / Singing Lessons / Sing in Head Voice

Breaking the Chains The Ultimate Rock Singing System – http://www.rockthestagenyc.com/chains.html Right here is portion two of one particular of my earliest videos on Head Voic…

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  1. +Jimmy Lin The sternocleidomastoid is part of vocal teachers call the
    “outer circle” muscles and they are not involved in the production of
    sound. If you are feeling them when singing, you have tension from not
    enough breath support.

  2. Hi Kevin,
    Can you shed some light as to what happened to Geoff Tate’s voice? I think
    the degredation has been somewhat exaggerated by some people who aren’t so
    fond of Tate as a person, but even the biggest Tate fans will admit that he
    doesn’t sound as good as he did. Was this down to incorrect singing
    technique? Not warming up? Smoking? Drinking? Or something else? I’m just
    curious because he sounded like he was quite well versed in singing
    technique, but around the time of the “Empire” album he seemed to run into
    some difficulty..

  3. Mr Kevin Richards. Thanks for sharing with us your free lessons on singing.
    I am taking the liberty to share and promote your lessons on my Facebook
    with singing enthusiasts. Can your same technique also work for singing
    Mandarin songs?

  4. Kevin Richards, Just wanted to tell you that your videos are absolutely
    awesome. I purchased your Breaking the Chains program and as a result I’ve
    been steadily improving in my technique. Your descriptions are precise and
    easy to understand and cleared up a lot of questions I have about proper
    singing technique. Please keep posting and thank you for all of your help
    and knowledge. Take care and God bless.

  5. @McSmuggler – putting grunge/rasp/grit/distortion is not bad if you do it
    the right way. You have to be careful that it never hurts when you do it.

  6. Is it ok to feel some muscles working around your neck? I feel my
    sternocleidomastoid working around me neck area. Is that natural?

  7. Hi Kevin, can you do any ascending exercise from chest to head to smooth
    out the transitions or must it be octaves?

  8. @RocktheStageNYC ok thanks alot got a another question as well when i sing
    i half to put the grung in my voice is that bad or ok?

  9. @GianfrixMG – yes you should feel the vibration in your head. Keep trying
    it until it feels natural. You’ll most likely always get the sensation when
    practicing it by itself but then lose the sensation when singing songs.
    That’s because your mind is doing other things like singing a melody,
    remembering lyrics and since those are things you know how to do, thats
    what the brain will focus on. Just keep practicing it until you can do it
    without thinking about it.

  10. I can’t do this continuously, I keep having those breaks and it tickles
    when I use pharingeal voice. I feel like I have a hoarseness which stops me
    from hitting high notes. I’m fourteen, and it kinda makes me think this
    voice changing time makes it all very difficult. But I don’t know if it’s
    true. I just keep trying and I fail this register change. I can only do it
    quietly, and even then not so correct. I’m not sure what to do, cause it
    makes me think I should wait until my voice is mature.

  11. thank u very much for answering so quickly. l’m studying singing with a
    good teacher just like u and one of my problems is that l tend to push too
    much the air flow as l get high in my head register, sometimes l can
    control the airflow, and sometimes not, cause l feel like if l don’t push
    the notes won’t come, which actually happens those times

  12. @AtariMaxiToriyama – This is the myth that has troubled singers for a long
    time. What sounds like very high chest voice is actually a very strong
    “mix” voice. It creates the illusion that the chest voice has gotten higher
    and higher. Then you build a strong head voice so it blends with mix and
    get a seamless voice.

  13. I understand that it gives it a little more edge so I am trying to find
    something in between the hooty sound and the edgy sound. I like classical
    music and singing it so I don’t want to get too edgy as that is considered
    to be an ugly sound for that kind of music.

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