Beginners Handle Your Pitch

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17 thoughts on “Beginners Handle Your Pitch”

  1. I friggin wish I had a good feminine voice. i have a deeper voice than the
    average girl. tomboyish more than likely and I just wanna sing good to
    songs I like without embarrasing myself.

  2. What is you can’t sing at all. Like you have trouble hitting even the
    simplest of notes and generally just sound terrible. You’re just one of
    these people born with absolutely no ability to sound good singing, you
    just sound bad. Can you still learn to sing?

  3. I have a question since I have a bad condition in my voice..I also stutter
    also. I believe that singing is the cure for all speech needs. My voice has
    been crap and I have had a hoarsy shit voice coping with dysphonia
    condition which stuffs up my voice. I got this problem in a cold and off
    anti psychosis medication as I came off my medication without a the advice
    from a dr. so…..I got a cold in my throaght and came off my medications
    and my voice was gone for a bit. is singing the cure? I feel it will
    retrain the voice I dunno???

  4. All her sounds are produced according to what she thinks is beautiful or
    what she thinks people want to hear… very ecstatically nice but I doubt
    she has shown her real voice in the whole song. 

  5. Whats a good way to practice how MJ sings, because some songs he’s got a
    angry singing voice and then normal then high pitched, How can i practice 

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