Beginners Guitar,Bass,Singing lessons on Skype(ROCKINGUITARLESSON.COM)

ROCKINGUITARLESSON.COM and MUSIC LESSONS……….This is NOT a guitar lesson on how to play “A” by “B”,taught and instructed by skilled guitar instruct…

14 thoughts on “Beginners Guitar,Bass,Singing lessons on Skype(ROCKINGUITARLESSON.COM)”

  1. I take guitar lessons local to me and watch Mike’s videos. Both are a great
    help. My local teacher won’t teach me stuff like slayer or slipknot or
    anything satanic, because of his religion. I respect him I can always learn
    it somewhere else. Anything he can’t or won’t teach I’ll come here on

  2. Maybe one suggestion for the youtube partial song lessons would be to give
    some advice on how the students can learn the rest on their own. Kinda like
    a school teacher who gives hints on what the students should do to get an A
    on a test. I’m not good enough to know this yet, but it might be something
    like stating what key the song’s in so people can find the right notes, or
    to tell them the song uses a lot of open chords or partial higher chords or
    double stops or bends…stuff like that?

  3. This voice thing on my phone is really making me sound retarded! shouldn’t
    be worn everyday. well for the most part I got most of the right I guess.

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