Beginners Get Low – Female Vocal Exercise Physical exercise for Singing Lessons

Get Low – Female Vocal Exercise Exercise https://www.facebook.com/pages/blagmusic/257278444300750 This video highlights the bottom finish of the female vocal ran…

25 thoughts on “Beginners Get Low – Female Vocal Exercise Physical exercise for Singing Lessons”

  1. thank you so much for this! i have to sing for a big event tomarrow and
    this was super helpful for me. love it!! 

  2. I haven’t sang anything in 3 years and am starting to practice again for a
    cover of Lithium by Evanescence. Thanks for the warm ups

  3. these work outs are great. I suggest people get ou the keyboard and just
    use them and go up or down a key depending on the workout, then you can go
    as high or as low as you want

  4. Your videos are really amazing! I’m a senior in high school and my teacher
    pulls up your video on youtube.edu. and we do voice workouts everyday.

  5. tanx this helped me reach the lower notes after practising :) (srry for my
    bad english im from The Netherland 😀 )

  6. Can you somebody advise me some “male” workout excercise, the lowest tone
    here is my normal “middle” tone…as a bass singer. thank you.

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