Beginners Find out how to sing at Singing for Beginners Online Singing Lessons

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21 thoughts on “Beginners Find out how to sing at Singing for Beginners Online Singing Lessons”

  1. @kdr120893 nah man, it won’t come easy, but I’ve been practicing for a week
    and I’m seeing improvements, if you really want to sing, you’ll be able to,
    it might take a little bit more time, but imagine how happy you’ll be when
    u can sing and play guitar….. that’s just bad ass in my opinion, u
    shouldn’t give up on what u want to do, but it’s up to u bro, good luck :)

  2. @kdr120893 Same here….Im 14 years old Iv been playing guitar since 6
    years old and I cant sing…I wish I could sing thats why im watching these
    vids :) Im looking for tips and how to SING GOOD…OR BETTER. :) XD !!

  3. I’m sorry, PrivateClique… I’m confused, you see… What exactly do you
    mean by ‘no’? I’m very curious. lol

  4. Train you inner ear equal to your outer ear first then you can compare your
    voice to others you hear, then learn the scales in proper pitch in a way
    that does not strain your voice along with proper breathing, this is were a
    vocal coach maybe needed unless you are a natural singer which most are
    not. Church or school choir group are a good low cost way to get the
    training you need and you will meet others with similar goals.

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