Beginners Ep. ten “Middle Notes or High Notes”- Voice Lessons To The Globe

High Notes aren’t as challenging as you may possibly believe. But, you require to know how to approach them. In Episode ten of Voice Lessons To The World, Justin Stoney of Ne…

14 thoughts on “Beginners Ep. ten “Middle Notes or High Notes”- Voice Lessons To The Globe”

  1. You’re simply amazing Justin. I am a highschool chorus student who has been
    singing for years and wanting to elaborately further my craft, literally
    studied with some pros and honorable musician, taken notes, read every
    article and seen many videos, etc… On singing, vocal pedagogy, technique,
    everything! I aspire to become a professional singer, recording artist if
    you well, and you’ve added a very effective and reliable source in adding
    clarity and precision in practicing my voice. You are such an awesome
    teacher and hope everyone else sees that you are too. Do you do private
    Skype lesson? I really want to work with you.

  2. Dear Justin, You are a genious!! I have/think have a relatively
    hard-thick-voice, kind of bass-baritone or whatever maybe, and I was a bit
    confused because I was stack in my chest voice (what I didn’t know untill
    not so far ago) and I thought I wasn’t able to reach any note above E4
    without singing so loud/shouting/or making falsetto. I’ve been training my
    voice in different ways last year with different vocal coaches and been
    researching all along the web doing some grate discoverments about head and
    mixed voice, but this video in particular was my “one NY minute” 😉 . Today
    I reached for the first time a C5 in a connected and dynamic tone, nor a
    falsetto tone, and quite much effortless than used to be for a D4-E4 in the
    past. The secret was working middle notes the way you show in the video
    allowing some head resonance from earlier. I have to keep working a lot to
    improve my voice and eliminate any strain but today I see the light at the
    end of the tunnel. Thanks a lot and regards from Spain. Congrats for your
    grate job.

  3. SUPER helpful. I like how you can purposefully sing things “wrong” to help
    demonstrate what not to do as well. Some teachers end up doing too much
    showing off (can you blame them haha) rather than focusing on what
    information is helpful. Thank you for these videos.

  4. Ok…so I’ve had 2 great voice teachers..But you are AMAZING! You really
    know how to break it down and explain the concepts clearly, succinctly and
    in a really positive way. Thanks for making these videos!

  5. I have a question though, though this video made me laugh cause it was so
    helpful. The only thing I have a problem doing, is not raising my larynx,
    and using your head resonance. I’m unfortunate of not being able to afford
    a teacher. =(

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