Beginners Ep. 7 “My Voice Is Weak”- Voice Lessons To The Globe

Is your voice weak? Do you lack vocal energy? In Episode 7, Justin Stoney, founder of New York Vocal Coaching addresses a frequent purpose that singers lack stre…

16 thoughts on “Beginners Ep. 7 “My Voice Is Weak”- Voice Lessons To The Globe”

  1. You answered a question that I was about to ask you, it’s about my voice
    isn’t pretty, and now I changed my thinking. Thank you very much.

    Sorry for my bad English.

  2. Thank you for all the work you put into these videos! I had a hard time
    really feeling confident about singing because it was weak and I felt very
    limited in range. After going through the “Hey There” exercise I tried
    singing a song that has always been difficult for me to feel comfortable
    singing and it worked! I had to put a bit more effort into it, but it
    worked nevertheless. I’m sure with practice it’ll be more natural.

  3. I literally made all of these mistakes as a beginner. Good tips, I wish I
    had found this a few years ago when I didn’t know what the heck I was
    supposed to do with my voice.

  4. my range is from G1 too B4 and my B4 is very weak and i wonder if it is
    because of straining or damage too my voice i need a answer fast

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