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http://www.rockthestagenyc.com/chains.html – My vocal course for Rockers – “Breaking the Chains” is obtainable now. In this update I go over some tips and tri…

20 thoughts on “Beginners Cost-free Singing Lessons / Suggestions for a Seamless Voice / Rock the Stage NYC”

  1. Interesting. I really like your videos, you explain everything very well! I
    got an unrelated question though: What do you think about “complete vocal
    technique” (if you have any experience of it)?

  2. @bskeete – it depends on your skill level. “Ah” as in Father is the easiest
    to do if you’re a beginner because it a wide open sound – but it can be
    hard to control at first. For my money the best vowel sound to vocalize
    with is “aw” and in “long”. Its has a nice middle resonance sound.

  3. @Raakiszh – Like I say on all the exercise intro – only go to the point
    that is most comfortable for you – don’t go beyond it. Listen closely to my
    demos & try to copy my placement. This video talks about the “add chest” as
    you come back down. Think of the pyramid/triangle metaphor I use here. Its
    OK to use falsetto to transition but ONLY if it doesn’t “flip” or crack
    into falsetto. Make sure it transitions smoothly with no breaks. Getting
    falsetto to head voice is easy after that.

  4. @JoeCabreraMusic – FANTASTIC. Not only will your voice thank you but your
    body as a whole with thank you. You’ll also find you’ve got more money to
    spend on things that have a lasting, positive effect on your life – like
    women! Keep up the great work and thanks for watching.

  5. when u started doing scales around 3:20 it really sounded like u were
    transitioning into falsetto (especially at 3:52). maybe thats technically
    head voice but its not ‘full’ correct? And when in full voice, you can
    glide down through the break with out a bump at all (no need to smooth it
    out)? I just dont see any difference from what you refer to as head voice
    and reinforced falsetto. can we maybe hear you sing an example of both
    (phrases not just notes)?

  6. Whats up man! I was the guy the asked a question about smoking along time
    ago, and I know you got a little heated about it. Just letting you know I
    havent smoked in 6 months and my voice has responded very well to that.
    Your videos are amazing bro! And I will always be a loyal subscriber. Best
    wishes to you man.

  7. @Bjoerrelli On that note, if one said, “I want to sing operatically, like
    Pavarotti,” would you teach him, or direct him to someone else?

  8. @hemisfear96 – he sings very well with his larynx. how do you people come
    up with these questions? LOL

  9. I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for a few months and I fluently sing
    many different artists and genres. I am a self taught singer for about 5
    years. My main problem/concern is clarity and depth with my head voice, and
    also my Chest voice being able to keep up with my Head voice in terms of
    tone and quality I also find that I sing much higher than I want at times
    or it is accompanied by an irritating “whiney” sound as if I am simply
    trying too hard. I guess I just need better control.

  10. o ok. then i think i should buy your vocal course but how can i order it
    cuz im all the way in pakistan!

  11. @hemisfear96 – you are simply NOT ready for Iron Maiden. Hell even I have
    trouble with some of their songs. Its VERY challenging music. You need
    singing lessons. Buy my vocal course or buy a Skype lesson with me.

  12. @illuminati576 – no falsetto whatsoever. Thats all full voice. I show them
    as slides so you can hear that I am NOT dosconnecting and going into
    falsetto. Full voice sounds connected, reinforced falsetto still has a
    tinge of breathiness to it – it sounds somewhat “screamy” Look at this
    video of mine: watch?v=OpiZH8Y1QR4

  13. @AtariMaxiToriyama – in any of my videos where I sing a high note loudly it
    was on purpose to show vocal power. But yes it is possible to to do the
    same notes at a much more controlled volume. Volume should be a choice not
    a necessity.

  14. Kevin teaches a technique suited for singing modern music, pop, rock, metal
    etc. If you want an “operasound” go to someone like Franco Tenelli or
    similar teachers. Just don´t go to Mr Manning or Mr Riggs even if Riggs
    claims to have teached some operasingers, the speech level approach makes
    singing loud very hard. Mr Richards power mixed voice clip is better then
    this one (my opinion) for teaching how to train your high notes.

  15. @RocktheStageNYC I am not a classical maniac that thinks that classical
    training is “the only way”. I´ve started out singing in rockbands when I
    was 16-17 years old and sang stuff like “The final countdown” and other
    melodic hardrock stuff. I started taking lessons at 21. And was instantly
    getting familiar with the classical approuch of teaching voice. If I were a
    voice teacher I would ask my students what they want to sing and go from

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