Beginners Classical Examples-Breaking Down Singing Types Vocal Warmups–Voice Lessons and Suggestions

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23 thoughts on “Beginners Classical Examples-Breaking Down Singing Types Vocal Warmups–Voice Lessons and Suggestions”

  1. the girl is very good at the operatic style, but the “musical theater” was
    AWFUL. she was so out of tune! did no one else make it that far into the

  2. @hansquad boring…… how many millions of mindless people in the world
    writing pointless, shallow comments as this. Gosh I must have seen this
    billions of times whilst on youtube

  3. i mean this girl has so much talent, but she’d never be right for my band.
    we play metal. and vice versa.

  4. @xblackiris10x there’s a little thing called symphonic metal my dear. the
    thing about metal is that can be mixed with many other styles in order to
    express what you want. Even if you don’t consider Symphonic as metal,
    there’s nothing wrong with known the genre and it’s history. and not just
    that, but you can see in many countries what they did with metal and what
    metal in order to express what they feel about their culture or bad
    situations of their country.

  5. @hansquad yes you’re right, it’s not mindless…. quite. But it is
    pointless and shallow. The video is about singing and all you can talk
    about is how the girl in the video looks. The vid may as well have been
    with no audio with what you got from it! lol Sorry but in my opinion it
    makes people seem very unintelligent and sad when they see a video and
    that’s the only thing they can write about it LOL

  6. The girl doesn’t seem to be breathing from her diaphram at all, and the
    Male doesn’t have very good resonace at all. In fact, it sounds like he’s
    using speaking placement.

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