Beginners Classic Vocal Warm Up Exercise but a Slower Do Re Mi Version

Solfeggio “clases de canto” “Gesangsunterricht” “Singing Lessons” “cours de chant” Use this in your singing lessons!:) http://www.facebook.com/pages/blagmusic/257278444300750 A handful of folks…

21 thoughts on “Beginners Classic Vocal Warm Up Exercise but a Slower Do Re Mi Version”

  1. hello, can someone answer my question about this: If you can’t hit the
    note, is it okay to use falsetto than to force yourself to strain your
    voice? Because I’m doing falsetto (if my term is right) when I cannot hit
    high notes. Thanks!

  2. This Vocal exercise along with a couple others I found online have helped
    me Improve Dramatically and allows me to now Sing on my Original Metal
    Music Songs/YouTube Videos :) 

  3. I have a suggestion… Use earpieces and plug in to your computer… Then
    listen to Youtube Vocal training… Listen it once follow up with singing
    when playing the second time… 😀

  4. Vocal Exercises… No prior voice training in twenty years? No actual
    singing experience? Singing appearance on stage in less than a week with
    only one official practice beforehand? Challenge accepted. >:D This is
    definitely helping me out, and in about two days I have seen marked
    improvement just by doing these exercises before I start singing practice.

  5. If you play guitar you might have tried tuning it once by holding 5th frets
    and so on. That sound it makes when the strings play the same note is what
    you’re looking for. It’s called unison. Or just try playing the same note
    on different octaves on a piano.

  6. Sometimes your voice is going to be better than others. It helps if you
    avoid eating dairy products before you sing, because the dairy makes your
    throat produce too much mucus and it makes for bad singing. Also, too much
    talking, yelling, or stress in general before singing can be bad for your
    voice. You’re not doing anything wrong, you just must have had a bad day :)

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