Beginners Calibrate and Tune Your Onsets – Singing Lessons – Robert Lunte

Robert Lunte, founder of The Vocalist Studio demonstrates the rewards of understanding how to dampen your larynx and tune your formant to the “dampened harmonic”…

12 thoughts on “Beginners Calibrate and Tune Your Onsets – Singing Lessons – Robert Lunte”

  1. Ok… yes, you should feel more resonant energy when you dampen the larynx
    properly. The formant is roughly, the measurement of the resonant energy in
    a physical resonant space… beyond that I cannot possibly explain formants
    on a YouTube channel comment. May I suggest you invest in your training and
    purchase my product so can have all the answers you need and learn about
    singing the proper way? Trying to gleem complex explanations and free tips
    on YouTube has major limitations.

  2. Your welcome, its my pleasure to share with you my training techniques. Its
    my purpose for being here. If you would like to learn more, check out our
    training system, “The Four Pillars of Singing”. Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks Rob, i’ve used two different programs already, Per Bristow’s Voice
    Method and Brett Manning’s program, i take notes from your videos for
    pedagogy and researching new concepts, it’s all part of my own voice
    training study, which is why i ask about the content, nevertheless i am
    interested in Four Pillars to be my next program

  4. hey Robert, does this dampened larynx position balance the laryngeal,
    pharyngeal and nasophryngeal sounds in the voice to improve tone?

  5. LOL? Jagr, the joke is on you my friend… I am not in a green screen… Do
    you mean, standing in front of a fake image on a screen? No, I’m not…
    this is my studio in Seattle, WA… taken last year before I renovated the
    space… don’t believe, view some other videos… take care.

  6. There is a singer name Jeff Buckley I wanted to know if he used the same
    methods that you use to sing. I like to sing his songs and im pretty good
    but when i use to do so my navel would pulsate in order to get into that
    head voice sound Jeff Buckley achieves. I would like to know if i am doing
    it wrong in terms of support.

  7. Oh great! Im pleased to hear this helped you… yes, it all starts at the
    onset and if you don’t tune and calibrate the onset, then anything that
    follows, will be at risk of sounding wrong or give you problems. Id be
    happy to be your coach and help you to become a better singer. Just go to w
    w w the vocalist studio store dot c o m.

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