Beginners Beginners Singing lessons – Understanding To Sing On Pitch (Part Two)

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17 thoughts on “Beginners Beginners Singing lessons – Understanding To Sing On Pitch (Part Two)”

  1. I sing in the church choir and we always use a similar exersice for worming
    But we don’t sing ‘ba ba ba ba ba’. We sing “Kre-ma-to-ri-um” (the german
    word for crematorium). When I asked, why we sing that particular word, I
    was told, that it’s a good word for worming up, because it conains all five
    vowels and it teaches as to control our pronuciation of the ‘K’ at the
    beginning of the word. We Tyrolians tend to pronounce ‘Ks’ quite harshly,
    especially at the beginnings of words.

  2. i’d really appreciate a feedback on my comment,you said vocal exercises,how
    many times a day?week?should i do to see performance,my voice has the
    habbit of jumping somethimes even when i speak normally,how’d i fix that?

  3. I think this is great I’ve been playing guitar for years but never had any
    confidence in singing…..if you have any tips on practicing with my guitar
    that would be awesome

  4. I am definitely tone deaf myself. When I first started singing off and on,
    I would migrate to my favorite songs on youtube and sing to them as I
    listened. I remember when I first started about 2 to 3 years ago doing
    this, and I can tell you that I was really bad. My voice would crack a lot
    as I sang, I would sing off pitch, and I couldn’t sustain notes at all. I
    think I’ve come a long way, but I think I could still get better. Just now
    I thought of going back to the basics to improve. :)

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