Beginners Beginner Singing Lessons – Locating Your Tone (Element 1)

http://www.aussievocalcoach.com/ – – – 5 Free of charge VIDEOS Beginners Singing Lessons Today I want to talk about where to begin as an absolute beginner singer. Let’…

20 thoughts on “Beginners Beginner Singing Lessons – Locating Your Tone (Element 1)”

  1. Discover how to improve your vocal tone, control, power, resonance, stamina, confidence, range, and simply become a better overall singer in record time.

  2. i need your help, people tell me i have a nice voice sometimes, but other
    times, those same people say it’s not as good before, sometimes, my voice
    feels clogged up, will it always be that way, please please please help me!

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