Beginners Before and After 3 Years of Singing Lessons

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25 thoughts on “Beginners Before and After 3 Years of Singing Lessons”

  1. omg what a progress you have made! well done.. it has definitely paid of
    for you.. i just started taking private lessons a month ago and already can
    hear the difference. you give me hope. keep up the good work!

  2. I don’t like the fact you changed your timbre completely ! you sing with an
    opera voice now !! try to sound a bit more natural :) in my opinion

  3. Would like to hear you sing Bowie or Divine Comedy
    Selectively of course. .
    Well done for improvements. . Richer voice. .. Let it just happen now to
    bring back the natural feeling
    Best regards. ..

  4. You should sing as if you are talking, like with a normal speaking voice.
    If you are changing into a “singing voice” the sound becomes more of an
    illusion, than natural

  5. What a transformation, your voice definately has a quality to it now and
    is in tune for the majority of the songs. The 3 year videos were awful but
    you have obviously worked very hard and make the most of your natural

  6. Awesome! Very inspiring. I can hear the development in your voice. Keep on
    doing what you’re doing. : -)

  7. I feel like only SLIGHTLY you’re trying too hard, but it still sounds MUCH
    better than years ago. It’s very pretty.

  8. I agree with Agen0000. You need to relax a little bit more, make it sound a
    little bit more natural – like you’re enjoying it. 

  9. I’m 11 and every time I sing I feel like I’m burning everyone’s ears, I’m
    truly not that bad at singing, I just have really low self esteem, the only
    problem is that I just reaaaallllyyyy love music and stuff, then when I
    sing I feel like all my dreams have been crushed, I’ve never told anyone
    and I don’t want people to know because my friends talk behind my back
    about my singing, I haven’t told my parents, I know I might sound like a
    silly little girl who’s just gonna get over it in a few years, it’s just
    that I’m a really big tom boy who has always felt this way since the last
    time I could remember, I want to take singing seriously and take proper
    singing lessons is just don’t know if my parents will take me seriously,
    please help

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